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gouging machine for oboe
gouging machine for oboe
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technical bases for oboe            author: Andreas Mendel

technical bases for oboe author: Andreas Mendel

This booklet is the continuation of the first volume of the "Technical Fundamentals of the Oboe", which has been so successful over the last two years. It also contains the already known effective and systematic exercises for scale studies in minor (mostly harmonic minor, but also melodic minor), thus complementing the field of scale studies in its entirety. As in the first volume are allotted in all keys: Scale, possibilities of variation, scale training in the fifth circumference, scale with change Third, (4 exercises) Quarten (4 exercises) Staccato Dreiklang, possibilities of variation The minor edition is supplemented by several specific exercises: Exercises for a clean and controlled speech (Andrea Glaser) Staccato Exercise (Maurice Bourgue) Dreiklangs - Exercises (Emanuel Abbühl) A comprehensive essay on the vibrato (Matthias Bäcker) completes the Moll Edition. The exercise book contains 96 pages in thread binding with a matt cellophane cover, which makes the magazine even more durable and robust.
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